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Wiser is a tailored news experience for every person in your company — a single online hub and daily email to find all the latest news about your sector, market, role and projects.

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Abe Geiger
Abe Geiger
CEO of Shake
I don't want all legal news, but if an article is written about the intersection of the legal industry and the sharing economy, I definitely want to know about it. Wiser does an incredible job of surfacing this type of content for us in a format we can easily share and discuss internally.

Wiser helps you: Discover, Share & Recall

Wiser is Filtered News for Your Professional Life

Follow the trends, companies and keywords that matter, and Wiser will filter 13,000+ real-time news sources and 250,000+ weekly articles, reports and blog posts to identify what’s relevant.

Wiser is Your Workflow, Accelerated

Never lose an important fact or article to your inbox. With Wiser, you can easily group, tag, share and retrieve the content you need. And our browser extension and email tool help you accelerate your workflow.


Wiser is a Connected Experience

Wiser is designed for teams and companies. Your newsfeed and email digests include a private social layer to easily alert, share or discuss any article with the key people in your organization.

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Wiser is Quick Setup & Incredible Support

Setting up a Wiser trial for your team or company takes only a couple minutes. Our dedicated Customer Success experts will move mountains to help perfect your news feed, answer any questions and optimize your experience.

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